It’s finally the Easter Break, and we’ve got some fun tasks for you to look at in this Newsletter! We are still here for you if you have any queries or concerns, so please contact us on or call us on 0330 058 3000 (the switchboard is open Monday – Wednesday 9 am – 3 pm)!

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We know there are a lot of young people out there who are anxious about their future, and we want to reassure you that you’ll be able to start your college life this September. To support you, we are continuously improving our Advice and Guidance services to make sure you choose the best education pathway for your future.

We’ve added a new widget on our website called Pathways to provide you with even more information about our courses, and how they can help with your chosen career. Pathways allows us to display progression options, from the courses we provide to the careers that students can go on to do, embedded directly onto our subject area/course pages throughout the entire college offer based on real data!

Take a look and see where our courses can take you!


Meditation lowers our stress levels, helps us get to know our pain, connect better with ourselves, improve our focus and helps us be kinder to ourselves.

Follow our guide to relaxing meditation!

You can make Tawashis: small sponges to clean your kitchen or to do the dishes. Originally from Japan, Tawashis are eco-friendly and economic.

Check out how to make them here!

Fancy a challenge whilst off? Enjoy exercise or want to improve your fitness? We’ve got the guide for you!

Our beginners guide has a fun circuit to help you get into a good fitness routine, kickstarting your fitness goals!

Feeling peckish and want to create something using cupboard staples? We have 2 beautiful recipes for some simple yet delicious foods to pair with dinner or to have as a snack!

Check them out here!


Are you a parent or guardian in isolation? Want to improve your skills and add to your CV? Take a look at our FREE Online Courses!