Louise Cheshire
Employer Engagement Advisor, Construction & ESF

‘It is important that we improve and develop our skills as Employer Engagement Advisors and understand how we can effectively support you and your business with your Training solutions requirements and apprenticeship programmes’.

‘As a member the Business Engagement team, we are always looking for ways to improve our employer engagement communication skills.’

‘As a team, we have started to undertake peer-to-peer observations to support with our professional development. This is a two-way process that can help the observer and the person being observed by using feedback and honesty to support with continuous development within our roles both professionally and personally.’

‘I recently accompanied my colleague Heather to a Nursery to complete a sign up for a Childcare Apprenticeship. Heather was just as nervous as I was about being observed. My role on this day was to be the observer, which is no easier than being observed!’

‘During the meeting I was really interested to see Heather’s style of delivery. We all follow the same process, but with so many different personalities and sector areas we are responsible for, it can vary.’

‘Heather was brilliant, she was really calm and relaxed with the employer. It was easy to see that she had already established a good relationship and the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly. I found her to be very knowledgeable during her delivery and was thorough in the information she gave during the sign up process. Heather also discussed with the Manager the different learning options available to staff members that may also want to build on their current skills.’

‘To be honest it was hard to find anything that Heather could improve on! After being so nervous about being observed it was great to be able to give her such positive feedback and to see her confidence grow. It’s always nice to be told what we are good at!’

‘Using this development method, I was able to identify what I could do better and how I can adapt my delivery to communicate within different working environments to support business enquiries.’

Our Employer Engagement team are subject specialists that provide a business solutions service to support local and national businesses. We can work closely with you and your employees to provide a bespoke training solution.

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