Julie James (L) Nicola Morrison 2

In 1979, Sebastian Coe set a new world record for running a mile in the fastest time; Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister and officiated at the opening of the Central Milton Keynes shopping centre; the last episode in Series 1 of ‘To the Manor Born’ aired on TV to 24 million viewers, and Julie James started work at the College’s Nuneaton Campus as a receptionist.

Julie said, “I was only 18 when I joined the College, first of all as a temp and then in the reception team. The type of work I have done has changed enormously over that time; I used to get involved with admissions, complaints and customer service. I have worked out in the community giving out information including covering careers fairs at schools, and at other sites within the College.

“When I first started, I was very shy, and people noticed that I didn’t say much. Now I think they would probably say I talk too much! The time has just flown by and I’m not sure where 40 years have gone; it only feels like yesterday that I started. The College has supported me through good times and bad and my colleagues have become like a work family.”

Nicola Morrison, Director of HR and Marketing said, “Congratulations to Julie on her long service with the College. This is a significant anniversary for the College and a special milestone for Julie who is a valued member of our college community. Her personal contribution over the years has undoubtedly contributed to the positive experience of our students. On behalf of the College, I would like to thank Julie for all her hard work and dedication and congratulate her 40 years of loyal service.”