Mark Corns

Here at NWSLC, we make sure that our students are always at the cutting edge of the industry. One of the ways we achieve that is by inviting engaging and passionate guest speakers.

The Travel and Tourism students, from our Wigston Campus, were recently visited by two former students, Tia Langridge and Vivek Patel. Tia Langridge completed her level 3 last year and is now studying Tourism Management at University College Birmingham. Tia was able to share her experiences of moving from a college environment into a city centre university, as well as some hints and tips on how to manage when sharing a house with 5 other people. She also provided great insight into the day-to-day activities that Uni life involves.

Vivek graduated from his level 3 two years ago and has passed his private pilots licence – he is about to start training for his commercial pilot’s licence. Vivek was able to share with us amazing insight into the complexities of being a pilot, how students are taught and how he has to master the basics of navigation and fuel consumption without the aid of computers and modern technology. The next 6 months will involve a lot of theory reading for him, before spending six months in Phoenix getting hands-on with modern commercial jet airliners.

We also welcomed Chris and Marianne Fisher from Tread the Globe, a couple who have a plan to “set foot in every country in the world before they die, or die trying.” Their epic adventures kick off in January 2020, and we were really fortunate that they found some time during their preparation to come into the College and talk to our students about their plans. They are currently preparing Trudy, their campervan, for a two-year trip around the world.

During their visit, they talked to our Travel, Business and Media students and gave them valuable tips and advice on how to plan your own trip without the support of a tour operator, and shared some of their experiences of travelling around Central American countries. They have also talked about how they have grown and managed their brand over a variety of social media platforms. Chris and Marianne will include their visit to the College within their vlogging.


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