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School Programmes (14-16)

Did you know, students aged 14-16 have the chance to experience College before they finish year 11? We have three programmes available:

Home Education

NWSLC now offers a GCSE maths and English programme to those aged 14-15 who are home schooled. In completing their GCSEs at college parents will not need to pay for GCSE exams as these will be funded by the college.

School infill programme

This programme is designed to allow students in years 10 and 11 to gain an additional qualification in a vocational subject of their choice. The length of time needed in college per week will depend on the subject chosen. It allows students to experience a post 16 environment within a progression pathway of their choice. This programme is suitable for students who have an idea of what progression route they want to take but are lacking motivation with their GCSEs.


Traditional schooling isn’t for everyone and some students require more individual support. This programme is beneficial for 14-16 year old students who have been excluded or are at risk of exclusion.

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