Digital Marketing Apprenticeships

Teodora Ciobanu

NWSLC Digital Marketing Coordinator & Lecturer in Digital Marketing

I have always wanted to teach, but somehow the process of getting started on this path seemed tedious to me – I thought you needed to be qualified, get some work experience in teaching, etc. However, when the College advertised for a Lecturer in Digital Marketing vacancy, I decided I didn’t want to miss the opportunity. I figured that being the Digital Marketing Coordinator for the College and having significant experience in training would help me get the job. And it did.

But as luck would have it, one week before my very first session, the whole country went under lockdown and I lost all hope that I could start teaching.

Then I received an email from my manager, asking me if I could put together some presentations for the apprentices I was supposed to teach, to help them achieve their CIM certificate. One email led to another and by the end of that day, we had put together a whole plan for digital marketing online lessons.

It hasn’t been easy, as you can imagine, we had to test a couple of platforms and a couple of presentation tools, but in the end, the Smart Assessor platform was the best option. Every Wednesday, for 3 hours, my digital marketing apprentices learn about various concepts, from the Internet of Things to campaign automation and building personas.

The Smart Assessor platform allows you to create virtual breakout rooms, where they can go and work in teams, thus allowing them to get to know each other better. Screen sharing works perfectly and it gives me the opportunity to present the learning outcomes more visually.

Some apprentices found it difficult at first, of course, as they didn’t know anyone and it was difficult to get to know their peers and the lecturer remotely, but they felt that the groups that I was getting them to work in really helped with this.

I believe it is vital to have the capacity to adapt to new conditions and environments because we can’t afford to stop learning. At the end of the day, what matters most is what you learn – how you learn it comes second. Even more, how can I teach them about digital marketing if we can’t even find a way to communicate digitally?

My apprentices said that this new way of teaching didn’t hinder their learning and that they are happy with the delivery of the sessions overall.


Pippa Culverwell

Soar Valley Press Digital Marketing Apprentice

It is impressive how quickly the College has adapted to the new situation and allowed us to continue our learning online! Learning from a screen, however, does have its challenges, as we are unable to form relationships with our peers in the way that we would in a classroom environment.

However, our tutor has effectively overcome this challenge by encouraging virtual group discussion throughout our lessons. As an apprentice, I am continuing to work throughout this pandemic.

Therefore, carrying on my learning has been highly beneficial, as I am able to integrate the information we have covered in class into my job role.


Heidi Cox

Savage Marine Lighting Ltd Digital Marketing Apprentice

Being put on furlough was not something that either myself or many others could have predicted! However, given the coronavirus pandemic, I am grateful to still be in a job.

When I initially received the furlough letter, I was wondering what were the next steps with my Digital Marketing apprenticeship, as I had already received seminar dates for my attendance at the College. When my tutor informed me that these sessions would be implemented online, I was excited but also nervous and a bit sceptical.  A true mix of emotions! Although I am learning about digital technologies, I have never previously been taught through online communications.

However, I can now say that having online sessions have been really helpful in my understanding of digital marketing concepts and theories.

Being able to listen, break off into group activities and communicate with a number of people, whilst all of us being online and working from our homes, has really been an eye-opener.

Most of us were new to meeting Teodora and the other learners in the sessions, but she has not only been very welcoming but also focused on making the sessions as engaging as possible.

The content provided by Teodora and her approach to teaching during the sessions has really stimulated my thinking and the addition of reading tasks, so we can continue to learn on our own, has been great, particularly as I have found myself with some extra time on my hands.

One thing I will add: if you think you can log in to Teodora’s sessions and be a ‘Competent Bystander’, then think again!

Overall: welcoming, engaging, informative, interactive, stimulating and fun!


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