Heather Business Engagement

Heather Docksey – Employer Engagement Advisor

Just a few weeks ago life was normal…

I remember thinking back in March, how lucky we all were to be in a team who worked well together and more importantly supported each other.

We started off 2020 on a high, building and developing relationships with employers across a wide range of sectors and all the new projects we as a Business Engagement Team are to be involved in.

And now…

Jump forward to May 2020 and like the majority of office-based workers across the UK, we are now working from home. Despite the distance between us, we’ve adapted quickly to the new format of teamwork and what that now entails remotely.

At North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College we are extremely lucky that we can work from this distance to support employers and students to make it ‘Business as Usual’.

We are all still in contact with our employers and apprentices to support them where we can, to show that as a college community we are here for them. Speaking to employers isn’t always easy. Some are coping and getting by, others are not so lucky and we feel it’s our duty of care as Employer Engagement Advisors to reach out to them and just talk with no pressures. Behind each business is a story, a person’s life, a family history and someone depending on that business to survive, that’s why our strong relationships with them are so important.

We are still here looking at ways to helping businesses and their apprentices bounce back when lockdown finally starts to lift. We want to invite you to get to know our team and ‘meet’ the people who will work closely with you as employers, support candidates and help fill those apprenticeship vacancies.

Get in touch with us today to see how myself and my colleagues can support your business find a training solution.