Hartshill Hayes project

Our Foundation Learning students have started an environmental project to help regenerate and aid the community at Hartshill Hayes.

The students have been working in teams to aid with communication skills, build teamwork, help with confidence and improve problem solving.

As part of the project they have:

  • Helped to thin out an area in St Laurence wood to let light in with the aim to regenerate the area
  • Helped the wildlife by building areas for their habitation and areas for birds to nest in the spring
  • Built dead hedges around areas of Hartshill Hayes to help identify the boundaries between Hartshill Hayes and adjoining land

Mike Labram, Ranger at Hartshill Hayes said: “Only too often it is not clear where boundaries are and people get told they are trespassing. The students have done some great work so far and the dead hedge they built is solid and secure, this will help so many people including Hartshill Hayes visitors and staff members, the adjacent land owner and the general public.”

The Foundation Learning programme is designed to help young people build essential skills for work and everyday living.

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