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Current Members


Currently, the Corporation is made up of eighteen diverse Members, who are:

  • Thirteen people appointed by the Corporation
  • The Principal who chooses to be a member by virtue of her role as Principal
  • One member of staff
  • One student

Members are initially appointed for 12 months and then can be re-appointed for two periods of four years. Staff Members are appointed for up to two terms of four years and Student Members are appointed annually.

Our Role

The legal power of our Corporation rests with the Corporation and not with individual Members, therefore we must:

  • Support decisions agreed by the majority of Members
  • Not speak on behalf of the Corporation unless we have been specifically asked to by the Corporation
  • Share responsibility for decisions
  • Respect confidentiality

As individuals, we are not personally liable for the debts of the College, unless it is shown we have acted negligently or improperly.

We are volunteers and are not paid, although we may claim reasonable out of pocket expenses for attendance at meetings.

On appointment, we must declare any convictions, bankruptcy proceedings, and any financial and non-financial interests we have. These interests are recorded in a register of Members’ Interests which is available for public scrutiny.

On appointment, we agree to follow our Corporation Guiding Principles document.