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Inspire for 14-16

Traditional schooling isn’t for everyone and some students require more individual support. This programme is beneficial for 14-16 year old students who have been excluded or are at risk of exclusion.

We aim to transform the lives of young people through high quality education, respect and care. At Inspire, we provide learners with the opportunity to obtain good GCSE results in key subjects. We also give our learners the opportunity to learn from a college campus environment, meaning that there is an easy transition into post-16 provision if they choose to stay at NWSLC.


In the Academic Year 2019 – 2020, 20 Inspire students took their GCSEs. There were 40 passes at grade 4 or above.

  • 35% of our students achieved a 4 or above in Mathematics
  • 45% of our students achieved a 4 or above in English Language
  • 40% of our students achieved a grade 4 or above in Science
  • 20% of our students achieved a grade 4 or above in Geography
  • 30% of student achieved a grade 4 or above in Modern Ethics

We are so proud of our results and the standards our students achieved.


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Joining Inspire

We recognise that some learners are excited about a fresh start, where others can often be worried or anxious. Our Induction process helps to create a smooth transition into learning at Inspire. It gives new students the opportunity to get to know their new environment as well and the staff who are here to help them. At the same time, it ensures that we get to know each student as an individual.

All students at Inspire need to be referred to us by a school or a Local Authority. We are unable to accept direct referrals from parents. Once we have received the referral paperwork, we aim to make a prompt decision as to whether we feel we can meet the need of the student and that we are indeed the right place for them. We accept learners with or without Education Health Care Plan (EHCP). However, if a learner has an EHCP, we will need to read this first to ensure we can fully meet the needs of the learner.

Qualifications and grades

At Inspire, we teach a GCSE syllabus. Students primarily focus on Maths and English Language, as these are the core subjects needed for entry to further and higher education, and many career pathways. Students also study Science, Geography, Art and Modern Ethics, depending on their attendance.

GCSEs are now graded 9-1 with 9 being the highest grade. The new 9-1 grades compare to A*-G as follows:

Old GCSE Grades New GCSE Grades








5 – good pass

4 – standard pass










Term dates

Inspire at our Nuneaton Campus follows Warwickshire Schools’ Term Dates which are available on the Warwickshire County Council website. Teacher training days will be announced via our newsletter and reminders sent to parents/carers by text message.


  Starts Ends
Autumn Term Wednesday 2nd September 2020 Friday 18th December 2020
Half Term Monday 26th October 2020 Friday 30th October 2020
Spring Term Tuesday 5th January 2021 Thursday 1st April 2021
Half Term Monday 15th February 2021 Friday 19th February 2021
Summer Term Monday 19th April 2021 Wednesday 21st July 2021
Half Term Monday 31st May 2021 Friday 4th June 2021



  Starts Ends
Autumn Term Thursday 2nd September 2021 Friday 17th December 2021
Half Term Monday 25th October 2021 Friday 29th October 2021
Spring Term Tuesday 4th January 2022 Friday 8th April 2022
Half Term Monday 21st February 2022 Friday 25th February 2022
Summer Term Monday 25th April 2022 Friday 22nd July 2022
Half Term Monday 30th May 2022 Friday 3rd June 2022

The structure of the day

Time Activity
8.35 – 8.50 Breakfast
8.50 – 8.55 Hand in Phone and move to lessons
9.00 – 10.00 Lesson 1
10.00 – 10.15 Break
10.15 – 11.15 Lesson 2
11.15 – 12.15 Lesson 3
12.15 – 12.55 Lunch
13.00 – 14.00 Lesson 4
14.00 – 14.15 Break
14.15 – 15.00 Lesson 5
15.00 Phones given back and End of Day

Reporting an absence

If a student is absent or running late, parents/carers should call us by 9am on the morning of each day they are absent. It is important that parents/carers get in touch with us as we cannot accept absence notifications from students themselves. If students do not arrive at Inspire by 9.30 am, we will get in touch with parents/carers to inform them that they are absent.

Uniform and resources

As we are based in a college, there is no uniform at Inspire. Students have to wear an orange lanyard. This is to indicate that they come to Inspire. All we ask is that students and staff dress sensibly and comfortably. We cannot take responsibility for any damage to clothing or jewellery, so ask you to bear this in mind when sending students to Inspire. We provide students with all the resources that they need, so they don’t need to bring a pencil case if they do not want to.

The support of parents and carers

For our education to be truly successful, we require a working between parents and Inspire and parents/carers and students. We greatly value the support of parents/carers and welcome any questions or comments. We pride ourselves on communication and hope that you take the opportunity to work with us.

Other ways that parents can make a positive contribution to our students’ education is by:

  • Helping students to get out of bed and to Inspire on time each day.
  • Find time each day to talk to students about their day and encourage positive attitudes towards it.
  • Helping students prioritise and make time for revision, especially as they get closer to their exams.
  • Helping students read as much as possible by providing them with newspapers or books.

Special educational needs

At Inspire we endeavour to tailor education to the unique needs of our learners. Our high staff-student ratios provide a setting where students are accepted and cared for whilst being supported and challenged. We tailor the learning and level of support for each individual, giving all students the best chance of making progress and achieving success. We accept students both with and without an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP).

Quotes from Inspire students

“Inspire made me realise that I can achieve many things. This includes improving my maths, English, and science skills more than I ever thought I could. Smaller classes have helped me to concentrate more, and when I am struggling, I am able to get the help I need.”
Luke Underhill, Year 10

“Whilst I have been at Inspire I have developed many new positive characteristics, and this has helped me overcome the negativity in my life. The staff at Inspire pay attention to students’ individual and personal needs and set boundaries to help us to reach our full potential. As students we feel valued and respected. Teachers make the work more interesting and entertaining.”
Chloe Beech , Year 11  

“The staff at Inspire have really helped me to figure out who I am, as have been out of mainstream school for four years. They treat us so differently and always with respect. I have also met some of my closest friends at Inspire. I’ve learned a lot in the short time I have been here.”
Ocean George, Year 11 

“My experience at Inspire was completely different from what I expected it to be. I thought it was going to be really strict, but the Inspire team are so welcoming and caring. I never thought I would learn as much as I have. I am so glad that I can attend Inspire because I honestly wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”
Craig Martin, Year 10

“I have been with Inspire since Year 10 and I have realised that I had learnt more in my first six months here then I had ever learnt in mainstream school. Learning is fun in Inspire. I would like to thank all of the staff for their support and the fun times!”
Trinity Morrissey, Year 11