Uniformed Services Case Study

Liam Williamson

Liam has always wanted to be a Police Officer, so he decided to do a Public Services course as soon as he left school:

”I had a look at some different colleges and the course at NWSLC was the best one I’d seen. The lecturers were friendly and approachable.

I’m already in the Special Constabulary and need a degree-level qualification in order to get into the Police Force so I’m aiming to go on to do the HND. Once I have my certificate I will apply to be a Regular Officer.

The best bit about the course is the lecturers. They have the experience, my lecturer Carl is an ex Police Officer. They also adapt your assignments to what you want to do, so mine will be tailored to the Police Force.

The work at level 3 is intense but manageable and all of the units are really relevant – I’d definitely recommend it.

The college has a great environment and everyone works with you on your course.

Top tip: Speak out when you are unsure, you will get help where you need it.”