HND Computing Case Study

Sam Barden

Sam, aged 19, from Leicester, is studying for an HND in Computing at Wigston Campus. He joined the College on a Level 3 diploma and his tutor recommended him for progression on to an apprenticeship with Next plc as part of its IT Academy scheme.

Based part-time at Next’s Enderby headquarters, Sam combines his role with part-time study at the College. He has already completed his HNC in Computing and is now in his second year.

Sam works with the computer support team carrying out desktop analysis of faults and providing support to colleagues around the business. As part of his apprenticeship, he spends time working in different teams within the IT department and has worked on a range of projects. So far, he has spent six months working with the development team and is due to move on to gain experience in other areas. One of his projects was to develop an app to analyse the performance of the IT team.

Work in college represents an important part of Sam’s HND, and he attends the Wigston campus on Monday and Thursday afternoons and evenings until 9 pm each day.

As part of his studies, Sam is learning the visual aspect of computing, designing a website, as well as Javascript and coding. The cost of his studies and his salary are covered by Next, so Sam is able to earn while he learns. He enjoys working for Next and hopes to stay on with the company at the end of his apprenticeship.