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English and Maths Courses


We offer high-quality English and math courses for adults. Good levels of English and maths are vital for all job roles, across all sectors. They enable you to do your job confidently and progress in your chosen career.

Studying English and maths in GCSE or Functional Skills courses will enable you to build your skills and confidence, regardless of your starting point. These courses are Level 2 English and maths, meaning you can walk away with a nationally recognised qualification at GCSE level.

Friendly and supportive teachers and staff will establish your level and recommend the right course for you. You will be supported all the way through to your exam and will be given all of the help you need to succeed.

No matter how long it has been since you were in education, our staff are ready to provide stimulating and engaging lessons which will inspire you to learn and achieve your aims.

We work with you to identify the level of course you need and we help you to progress to gaining GCSE level qualifications. Each level is identified as improving your English and maths, Functional Skills course or GCSE course.


Contact us for an informal discussion if you have any questions regarding our courses.


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