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Top-up courses

What is a top-up degree course?

Often shown as a BA top-up or BSc top-up, these courses are designed for students who have completed an HND and would like to study further to achieve a degree qualification.

A top-up degree equates to the final year of an undergraduate degree, meaning that after studying an HND for two years and the top-up for a year, you can come out with a full degree.

You don’t have to top up a HND to a degree, it is all down to the career pathway and employer’s preference.

Many people find that HND’s give students the advantage of a variety of practical skills and specialised experience. Once topped up to a degree, it opens up opportunities for jobs and internships that would otherwise be unavailable to you.

Questions and Answers:

Why is your top-up courses sponsored by a university?

We have to get a university to award individual students. You still get taught at NWSLC and it just means that you’ll have access to the university’s facilities (e.g. library), as well as ours.

Do you get to graduate from a top-up course?

Yes you do. The university that accredits the course will most likely be where you have the ceremony.

Can I get funding for a top-up course?

This all depends on how many years you’ve spent studying higher education and how many qualifications you have. You can get funding, but is it different to every student. Best to get in touch to find out if you qualify.