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Professional Qualifications


Get the knowledge and skills you need to fast-track your career with a professional qualification!

If you’ve got a clear career objective and are looking to up-skill your knowledge for your dream career, then a professional qualification could be the answer.

Awarded by professional bodies, these qualifications give you the chance to gain valuable on-the-job experience through vocational training to work in a specific industry or job.

There are many reasons why you should consider the professional qualification route:

  • Many professions require you to hold professional qualifications in order to work within a particular field.
  • Gain skills, recognition and contacts – improving your specialist knowledge and career prospects.
  • Meet employers’ expectations of continual professional development (CPD) by keeping your skills and abilities relevant and up-to-date.
  • Increase your potential earnings or salary – as well as the chance of getting that promotion at work.
  • Get on the path of becoming chartered – most professional qualifications require you to be a member of the professional body whilst studying the course.

For CIPD and CIM Digital Marketing applicants

Did you know that you can undertake a CIPD course and the CIM Digital Marketing module as part of an apprenticeship? If you wish to develop your skills further and maybe utilise the levy from your organisation to fund your training, then you may wish to enrol with us as an apprentice instead. If you would like to find out more about an apprenticeship in HR or Digital Marketing, then please contact us by email:, where you can discuss the many benefits of studying as an apprentice.


Fast-track your career with our professional courses. Browse our professional qualifications offer and secure your place today!