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Distance Learning Option

What is it?

Distance Learning is a flexible learning style that allows individuals to study at a time and place suited to them. There are no lessons and no exams.


How does it work?

Once you have picked a course to study and completed the enrolment forms, you will be provided with a study pack. The pack contains a number of knowledge books and assessment workbooks, dependent on the course you have chosen. You will read the knowledge books and then answer the questions in the assessment workbooks to show that you have gained the knowledge and understanding from the knowledge book.

You submit your answers, as per your delivery plan given to you at the beginning of the course. Your answers will be either posted to the college for marking, or you can choose to submit your answers online via our E-Assessor platform.

Your assessor will then read and mark your work and provide robust feedback. Any amendments needed will be highlighted by your assessor. It is important to keep the copies of the work you have submitted, as this will help when you are working on your amendments.

Once you have answered all the questions, provided all amendments and signed all the paperwork, you will have completed the course. This will take up to 12 weeks to do. Your certificate for your Level 2 qualification will be posted to you (this can take up to 12 weeks after completion).

You have the support from your assessor for the duration of the course to provide any guidance that you may need.


Important things to remember

Think about how, where and when you are going to study.
Everyone works differently, some like to study in peace and quiet and some like to study in a busy environment. You should aim to complete a few questions each day. Where and when will you be able to complete your studying?

Choose your course carefully.
This course will take you up to 12 weeks to complete. Choose a course that is interesting to you that you will enjoy reading about and completing work on.

The course needs to be started within a couple of days.
Submit the first section of work in sooner rather than later so feedback can be given to ensure you are on the right lines. You can always go on to the next question and come back to more difficult ones later on if you need to. Ask if you are unsure.

Highlight information that you want/think should be in the answer.
You can make notes in the workbook if it helps as these are yours to keep. Pay attention to anything in the course materials that is in bold. Look at the key terms in the answer booklet, so you know how much information to include. If the question asks you to describe, you need to provide a detailed account, but if the question asks for a list, then it’s like a shopping list.

Your writing needs to be clear and easy to read.
This is so we can read what you have written. Spelling, grammar and punctuation are also looked at as it’s a requirement of college that has to be met, please do not to take it personally.

Always answer in your own words.
Use previous or current personal experience/thoughts/ideas if you think it is relevant. This also helps to ensure that nothing is being copied. Answer in full sentences and imagine that the assessor does not know the answer to the question so you are having to explain/describe it in a way that is clear for them to understand.

You can cross reference answers if you feel you have covered it already in a previous answer.
You can also name reference sources of information if you have included some.

Identify your work.
Make sure you fill out the front of the workbook and sign the sheet. Remember to write your name, course name and assessment/question number on any separate sheets too so we know who they belong to.


What next?

Browse our wide range of free online courses. To enrol, please use this form to arrange for an enrolment pack to be posted to you. You can do as many courses as you wish, however, you can only complete one at a time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.