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Foundation Learning



Our Foundation Learning programmes are full-time college courses designed to help young people build essential skills for work and everyday living.

Young people thrive when they are in an environment that feels friendly and safe, where learning is tailored to their needs and stretches them to achieve their dreams. This is at the heart of everything we do. The Lifeworks programme is focused on work experience – students complete two full days per week in a placement and come to college for half a day per week.

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What is Foundation Learning?

These programmes give each young person the chance to explore different subjects, to discover their interests and which career path they would like to pursue.

We all have different goals; and although work and further education are the main goals of many young people, there are many more areas that we can work on, including independence, cooking, DIY, self-confidence, wellbeing and mindset.

Our aim is to ensure each student grows in confidence, discover what they love to do and who they want to be.

Who are our courses for?

Our programmes are available to students aged 16-18 and they are also available to those aged 19 and over who have an Education Health and Care Plan.

Programmes are available at a range of levels to suit all abilities are the ideal choice for learners with Special Education Needs and Disabilities or those who are simply uncertain of their next steps. We have something for everyone.

RARPA - Recognising and Recording Progress and Achievement

Every student is different and structured qualifications aren’t always right for everyone.

RARPA allows us to really tailor courses to each individual. Every student builds their own portfolio that reflects their hard work and achievements.

We work together to agree a starting point and a set of goals to work towards.

Although we offer courses for those working from Entry Level 1 to Level 1, the flexibility of these programmes means they are not defined by a particular level.

During their programme, students will get a taster of different skills and subjects areas, both in the classroom and through work experience.

A range of recognised qualifications are also available.

What will be studied?

Functional skills: An important part of everyday life, English and maths skills are embedded throughout all of our programmes.

Subject areas: We will identify which subjects each student is interested in and help them to pursue career opportunities in these areas.

Work experience and employability skills: This focuses on the core communication and practical skills that are needed in all job roles.

Independent living: Ensuring young people can manage their finances, have good knowledge on nutrition and personal health and develops their social communication skills.

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Meet the Team

Joanne Smith

”The best thing about being at the College is helping students grow in confidence and seeing them progress on to higher-level courses”

Reshma Kala

”During my time we have sent students out on work experience which has been a great achievement, we have links with Costa Coffee, Tesco and Retail Outlets.”

Adrian Causier

”Students at the beginning of their time at the College may be in need of some help and guidance, but they leave a different person ready for the world.”

The Lifeworks Programme

Our Lifeworks programmes is ideal for those who have finished their College course but are unsure on their next steps.
It is also available to those aged 19 and over who have an Education Healthcare Plan.

What is the Lifeworks programme?

A stepping stone for those who have finished their college course and want to transition to employment.

Students will attend College for three days per week and do one day per week work experience.

Teaching takes place in small groups, with both lecturers and additional support staff in all sessions.

What will be covered?

  • English and maths
  • Independent living skills
  • Work experience

We will identify which subjects each student is interested in and help them to pursue career opportunities in these areas.

Where is it?

LifeWorks is located at our Nuneaton Campus.

Funded as part of a grant from Warwickshire County Council, it has:

  • A training flat where students can learn how to cope in the wider world,
  • A working cafe
  • Chill-out zone

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