Engineering Apprenticeships


Think an Engineering Apprenticeship is all boiler suits and oily hands? Think again.

It’s actually a really diverse sector with jobs available in aerospace and robotics to electronics, biotechnology, and civil engineering, to name a few!

Whether you want to be office-based, in the workshop or on-site, this is an exciting industry with impressive earning potential.

Career options

  • Machinist – Advanced Manufacturing Engineering
  • Mechatronics Maintenance Technician
  • Product Design and Development Technician
  • Toolmaker and Tool and Die Maintenance Technician
  • Technical Support Technician

Predicted Salaries

Product Design Engineer: £25,000 p/a
Tool Maker: £30,000 p/a
Advanced Manufacturing Engineer: £32,000 p/a

Did you know?

Engineering is big business – especially in the Midlands where an extra 130,000 people are expected to be working in the sector over the next five years (National Careers Service 2016).


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