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Adult and Community Learning

We offer a range of courses that are designed for adults to explore new hobbies, gain new skills or develop career goals.
Learning is important to keep growing and developing your skills, whilst it also enhances our local communities. We aim to meet the needs of our local area, encouraging learning through our part-time and short courses, flexible to fit around your lifestyle and work commitments.

We will always provide you with information regarding the course fees and funding available to you. Whilst you are learning, we give you opportunities to let us know what you think about our courses. We welcome your views on the course, as this helps us to grow and become better.


What can you get out of our courses?

  • High-quality teaching delivered by experienced staff
  • A safe and fun environment that enables you to connect with others
  • Equal opportunities
  • Support and guidance when needed
  • And much more…


Financial help

If you are on a low income, you may qualify for funding to cover the cost of courses at levels 1 and 2.

Low income includes receiving Job Seeker’s Allowance (JSA), Employment Support Allowance WRAG (ESA) or Universal Credit.
If you earn less than £16,009.50 per year and can provide evidence via 3 months’ payslips then you’ll qualify for the low-income funding also.
Please note that the leisure courses do not allow funding for low income. However, funding may be allocated from a community fund.

At NWSLC, we always aim to support you by giving you a range of information, advice and guidance. If you would like to talk to anyone regarding your career options, please do get in touch. You can contact our IAG advisors by email: or by ringing 0330 058 3000.


Type of courses


These courses are often accredited courses and are designed to be completed alongside work or as a stepping stone into a career. There are a few courses that require technical skills, however, level 1 and ‘introduction to’ are meant for beginners. Your tutor will help you to build up the skills needed for the workplace.

You don’t need to be employed in an area to be able to study it. Willingness and passion go a long way.


These courses are designed for those wishing to seek a new hobby or increase their current hobby skills. The classrooms are often informal and relaxed, aiming to provide a space where you can have fun and make friends.


We offer English and maths at various levels. This is ideal if you have not studied English and maths and would like to improve your skills or job prospects. These courses are for all levels, meaning you can be a complete beginner or looking to improve an exam grade. Some courses are fully funded, eligibility criteria apply. To find out more, contact us.


Access courses are equivalent to a level 3 course (or A-Levels) but are designed for adults who want to get the qualifications for further study e.g. at university. It is compressed into a year’s study (full-time course) and prepares students for academic writing, practical thinking and time management, amongst others.