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Spanish Year 4 – Part 1 (Advanced)

Spanish Year 4 – Part 1 (Advanced)

Spanish Year 4 Part 1 (Advanced)


This level is for those who have successfully achieved the intermediate course or who are able to exchange information with native speakers in predictable formal, informal, social and work situation.

The course will enable you to concentrate on developing oral fluency confidently in a range of situations, using a range of tenses. You will have the ability to comprehend the language in a range of context.

The flexibility to the learners’ needs will be demonstrated by the inclusion of a range of topics which the learners can choose. This will allow the learners to emphasise a particular area of interest.


  • Personal information and maintaining social contact
  • Asking/answering questions positively and negatively
  • Using the present tense and future tense
  • Talking about the past using the perfect tense
  • Describing what life used to be like using the imperfect tense
  • Using the subjunctive tense
  • Understanding property adverts
  • Useful knowledge of and insights into French Speaking cultures, both contemporary and historic

Entry Requirements

You will need to be able to exchange information with native speakers, also be able to use the present, past, future and conditional tenses with confidence.


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Course Features

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