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Spanish Year 3 – Part 1 (Intermediate)

Spanish Year 3 – Part 1 (Intermediate)

Spanish Year 3 Part 2 (Intermediate)


This course is for people who have studied the beginners (year 1) and post-beginners (year 2) courses. It is also for those who have a fair understanding of the language but would like to improve further.


You will have the opportunity to progress in the following topics:

  • In depth Personal information
  • Describing own and someone else's personality trait
  • Use of various tenses: Present, past (perfect and imperfect) future and imperative
  • You will be able to give and receive instructions
  • You will be able to talk about your own childhood
  • You will be able to share experiences of French living or Holidaying
  • Anything you may need to know to meet you own needs

Entry Requirements

You will have acquired quite a lot of vocabulary and expressions in the first two years or the equivalent, and you should be able to speak in the target language with confidence by the end of this course. But help is always at hand.


Writing materials.

Next Steps

You can progress to the next level and begin to expand your knowledge and vocabulary.

Mode of Study


Course Features

Part Time






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