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Health and Social Care

Counselling Level 4


We offer a modern spacious, comfortable environment, tailored to counselling training and learning is facilitated by highly trained, experienced, practising counsellors. Lecturers maintain high standards including regular CPD to remain at the forefront of an ever-evolving profession.

All tutors work within the BACP Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy or its equivalent.

As a student you will learn how to develop skills and theories in relation to the Person-centred approach which is based on the ideas of Carl Rogers. Rogers also developed his theories in regard to learning and believed that effective learning takes place when the student is actively engaged with their education.


  • Working ethically, safely and professionally as a counsellor
  • Working within a counselling relationship
  • Working with client diversity in counselling work
  • Working within a user-centred approach to counselling
  • Working with self-awareness in the counselling process
  • Working within a coherent framework of counselling theory and skills
  • Working self reflectively as a counsellor

Entry Requirements

It is not possible to enter the Level 4 Diploma without completing the Level 3 Counselling Studies programme (or its equivalent).

Most learners begin their counselling training at Level 2 and then complete Level 3. Our CPCAB courses focus primarily on a Person-Centred approach, however, we look at other philosophical ideas around human behaviour and change, as well as other popular counselling modalities such as CBT and Gestalt to enhance and inform our practice.


A4 ring binder/folder | Pens | Dictaphone

You must complete a minimum of 30 hours of personal therapy at your own cost. Supervision is often provided by the agency in which you begin a placement, but this is your own responsibility to source. If supervision is not provided within the agency it is your responsibility to source at least 1.5 hours per month at your own cost. You must complete 100 hours of face to face counselling work within an approved agency setting. There will also be costs involved in purchasing books, travel to your agency/supervision and additional CPD if your agency requires it.

Next Steps

This two year part-time qualification gives learners the knowledge, skills and competencies to work as a therapeutic counsellor in an agency context.

This qualification is designed to lead to an employed or voluntary role in a counselling agency in both health care and non-medical settings. Successful completion of this course means you will be able to provide a therapeutic counselling service – initially within the context of an agency’s service framework but later (with experience and support from the supervisor, or by completing PC-L5 or its equivalent) may progress to independent practice.

Mode of Study


Time & Date

This course runs in the day, from 10.00am – 4.00pm and starts on 15/09/2020.

Please note:

We encourage you to start seeking a placement to complete the 100 required counselling hours during the second and third term of year 1. This can ensure that you are able to complete your 100 hours within the 2-year timescale of the Diploma. If you require additional time to complete your client hours, NWSLC and CPCAB grant a 12-month extension (known as year 3) providing all aspects of course criteria are complete within the 2-year programme. 

The cost of Year 3 £245, which covers:  tutorial fees to support Diploma submission and additional submission of reports and client/supervision logs. This is not included in the total cost of the Diploma (£4670) and is payable separately at the end of year 2 if placement counselling hours are not complete. 

Course Features

Level 4

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