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Level 2 Painter and Decorator Apprenticeship

Level 2 Painter and Decorator Apprenticeship




Painters and Decorators work in domestic and commercial properties and undertake the decoration and protection of building which include houses, schools, offices, hospitals factories and construction sites. As an apprentice you will work internally or externally, individually and/or as part of a team applying water-borne and/or solvent-borne paint coatings and wallcoverings. This Apprenticeship is ideal if you enjoy, practical hands-on work. The Construction sector as a whole is facing a skills shortage, meaning there will be plenty of jobs available for those skilled in their trade.


  • Safe Working Practices
  • Information, Quantities and Communication
  • Building Methods and Construction Technology
  • Preparation of Surfaces
  • Application of Paint Systems Brush, Roller and Spray
  • Application of Standard Papers
  • Product Specialist Decorative Finishes

    Safe Erection of Access Equipment

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements are a level 2 qualification in a relevant subject or relevant work experience depending on the employer.

Mode of Study

Day Release

Course Features

Level 2


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