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French Year 4 – Part 2 (Advanced)

French Year 4 – Part 2 (Advanced)

French Intermediate


On completion of the 15 weeks, there will be a possibility to carry on for another 15 weeks, to coincide with the academic year. You will have the opportunity to progress in a multitude of topics.

This course is the continuity of the previous 15 weeks (French 4 part 1). You will have acquired quite a lot of vocabulary and expressions in the first 15 weeks or the equivalent and you should be able to speak in the target language with confidence. But help is always at hand.


  • Describing the background of a story using the imperfect tense
  • Reading small sections of novels using the past-historic
  • Giving and receiving instructions using the imperative tense
  • Understanding what to do in case of an accidents or a fire
  • Writing informal and formal letters
  • Anything you may need to know to meet your own needs


Writing material.

Next Steps

You can progress to the next level and begin to expand your knowledge and vocabulary.

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