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French Post-beginners – year 2

French Post-beginners – year 2

French Post Beginners


This level is for those who have successfully completed the beginner’s level or who have current speaking, writing, reading and listening skills at the basic level.

The learning programme will be delivered to meet your needs. You will be building on previous knowledge across a range of topics.

You will be assessed by a range of methods including speaking, listening, writing and reading. The assessments will be carried out in a very friendly manner by your teacher.

To complete the full post-beginner’s course, you will need to study parts one and two.


Part One – the range of topics covered will include:

  • Personal information and maintaining social contact
  • Introducing yourself and others with more accuracy than at the basic level
  • Describing home and family, including ages, marital status, jobs and physical characteristics
  • Daily routine and habits
  • Describing past events using the past tense
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Hobbies
  • Present and Past tense

Part Two – continuing to build on the vocabulary and expressions learnt from studying part one, you will also cover:

  • Future tense
  • Conditional tense
  • Giving instructions
  • Exchanging recipes
  • Anything you may need to know to meet your own needs

You will have acquired quite a lot of vocabulary and expressions in the first 15 weeks and you should be able to speak in the target language with confidence. But help is always at hand.

Entry Requirements

You will need to have a working vocabulary of about 700 words and be able to use the present tense.


You will need to bring writing materials.

Course Structure

This course is taught in two parts, the first is run from September to December. The second part starts in January. Each part runs during term time and lasts 15 weeks. Each part costs £90, totalling £180 for the whole year.

Date and Time

To complete the full Spanish Post-Beginners course, you will need to study parts one and two.  The dates, times and prices for part one and two are as follows:

French Post-Beginners, Part One – 14/09/2020 – £90
French Post-Beginners, Part Two – 25/01/2021 – £90

Each part is 15 weeks in duration.

Course Features

Part Time




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