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Student Involvement

North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College believes that student involvement is central to the development of the college’s strategic direction. The college is committed to developing systems to enable all students at the college to be fully involved in their learning and consulting, and engaging learners in all aspects of the organisation.

The college is very diverse and includes full and part-time as well as apprentices and work-based learners. We want all students to have an equal voice although how they exercise that voice may vary according to the nature of their relationship to the college.

We believe that the learner’s voice is important to:

  • Encourage learners to build their personal confidence and self-esteem
  • Attain skills that will improve their employability
  • Enable them to develop an interest and commitment to becoming active citizens

We provide a range of formal and informal opportunities to enable students to participate.

The Governing Body of the college has two student governors who are elected in the Autumn term.

The Student Union is a body of students elected by students to represent students. The Union executive meets throughout the year to plan activities and events.

The Student Council meets every term and is made up of students representatives. The Council is chaired by students and raises issues with the College Management team.

Student Union Rep

Course Representation

North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College Course Representative system is run by students for students. It provides an opportunity for learners to have their say and be actively involved in shaping the future of student life at NWSLC. It is also a great opportunity for giving positive feedback, as well as creating and presenting different ideas for improvement. Course Reps can be contacted regarding any academic issue, whether it is something you feel needs changing, general college issues, or an aspect of a particular module or course you enjoyed.


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