Working With Communities And Young People Case Study

Kamen Finlay 

Kamen decided to take up his Foundation Degree in Working with Communities and Young People following difficult experiences when he was younger that led to him moving into supported accommodation. He was helped to gain his independence and had been working in an administration job but redundancy made him re-think the direction of his life and career.

Kamen reflected on the support he had benefited from and, with advice from the College, started his degree course while also working as a volunteer at Park Lodge where he used to live. After his first year, Kamen took the opportunity he had been waiting for to move to London where he is continuing with his degree in the second year.

He has successfully secured a new job as a support worker at a residential home for asylum seekers in North London, run by the St Christopher’s Fellowship. Alongside his studies, Kamen will be helping these young people, who have overcome many challenges, with settling in the UK, going to school or college, and finding their place in the community. Kamen says that the course has been ‘brilliant’, and has opened up new avenues of learning to him.

Kamen is enjoying his studies more than he expected to, and, encouraged by his early success, is determined to achieve the highest possible grades. He also wants to go on to complete a final top-up year at De Montford University or a university in London to gain the full BA. Kamen is delighted to be giving something back to the community and looks forward to helping young people to overcome their issues in his new role.

In the long term, Kamen would like to work as an activist, mentor or spokesperson on LGBT issues as they are important to him and affected his own previous experiences. In his spare time, Kamen is something of a reality TV star, having taken part in the popular E4 reality show ‘Coach Trip’.