Giovanni Albanese

Former engineering student Giovanni has revisited the workshops where he first started to build his technical skills in a move to inspire young people about STEM careers. Giovanni works as a technical account manager for MTDCNC, which showcases the work of UK manufacturing, the UK machine tool industry and related products, as well as innovation and new technology.

Giovanni’s agenda through MTDCNC is to improve perceptions of the engineering sector in the UK and inspire new recruits with exciting careers. He said, “In Germany and Italy, engineers have the status of professionals like doctors and lawyers. I have found that engineering in the UK is often associated with dirty workshops rather than the high-tech skills that are demanded by today’s organisations. Through our work at MTD, we showcase the range of fantastic businesses that operate within the machine tool supply chain and promote career opportunities for skilled individuals. We’re almost the equivalent of ‘Top Gear’ for the engineering sector.”

Giovanni completed his tool-making apprenticeship at the College while working for CD Atkinson Engineering in Nuneaton. Inspired to follow a career in design, Giovanni originally held an ambition to become a CAD designer. He learned from the company’s owner, Chris Atkinson, that it was essential to learn how to make a component before trying to design it.

Nuneaton-born Giovanni, who still lives in the town, completed a four-year apprenticeship at CD Atkinson Engineering, learning the skills of design, milling and turning to produce components and developed programmes for CNC machines. He spent seven years in total with the company gaining a solid foundation in manufacturing before moving on to Clamonta Engineering in Nuneaton as a CNC programmer producing aerospace components for Rolls Royce. Giovanni then changed direction and moved into sales in a role as OEM Importer Sales Manager with a leading Japanese company supplying workholding solutions.

Giovanni said, “I loved the variety in my role in sales, when you unpack a profession like engineering, it encompasses so many dimensions and provides endless exciting career opportunities. It really helps to start in the workshop learning the essentials first and that is why a college course provides the perfect foundation. Once students have got the basic building blocks in place, the sky is the limit.

“I was delighted to return to my former workshop home. With MTDCNC, I plan to return to stage a Q&A with students to help make it clear what a wonderful world of employment they are entering. MTDCNC is very keen to help build links between education and employment to address the skills shortages that the UK is facing in this vital area.”