Lucy cooper, level 3, Business

At the air shows she visited from a young age Lucy was inspired to become a pilot. Having noticed that most air display pilots happened to be men, Lucy wondered if she would be able to achieve her ambition within such a male-dominated profession. Her father’s Christmas gift of a trial flying lesson at Coventry airport cemented Lucy’s determination to achieve her dream after she was taught by a female pilot.
After achieving her GCSEs, Lucy was focused on learning to fly and devoted her time to passing the nine exams required for a Private Pilot Licence. At the same time, Lucy volunteered at her flying school, Almat Flying Academy, working towards the achievement of her Duke of Edinburgh award. To fund her passion for flying, Lucy continues to work part-time handling the accounts for a local knitwear company. She joined the College to study for a Level 3 Business qualification to give her future career a boost.

Lucy said, “I experience such a sense of freedom when I take to the air; any stress I might be feeling always melts away. From a career perspective, I knew that I would only be able to devote 40 hours a week to something I really enjoyed so I am determined to do everything I can to secure a career in aviation.“My college studies are important to me because airlines like to see evidence that candidates have the application and dedication to achieve well in academic studies. Pilots have to overcome a number of challenges as they work towards achieving their licence and I need to demonstrate that I have got what it takes.” Having registered 45 hours of flying including her first solo cross-country route, Lucy achieved her Private Pilot’s Licence and is now planning to fly further afield in her mission to log the hours required for a commercial licence. Plans include a long trip via Le Touquet in France, Spain, Majorca to Greece, and home via Amsterdam.

Lucy is waiting to hear whether she has secured a scholarship for EasyJet’s ‘Women in Flight’ pilot training programme which would see her commence training this summer, starting with a year in Phoenix, Arizona. In the meantime, Lucy is due take up a distance learning programme with Bristol Groundschool to provide her with specialist aviation skills. She is committed to a career in the airline industry and hopes to be eventually flying Boeing 737 or Airbus A380 aircraft. Lucy said, “My college experience has really helped me to focus on studying and achieving the skills I need to progress. The tutors were really supportive, and I would definitely recommend further education as a flexible pathway into future career opportunities.”