Photo of Lewis Dowell

Lewis Dowell, aged 20, from Earl Shilton has just completed an HND in Graphic Design in difficult circumstances during the coronavirus lockdown. Now with skills and experience in branding projects, motion graphics and editorial design, Lewis is starting to showcase his portfolio as he looks for freelance work.

He said, “I have really enjoyed my college experience but of course, thanks to the impact of the pandemic, now is not the best time to be looking for work. However, I am feeling positive about getting freelance work because although businesses might not be able to offer me a job, there is always work available if you work hard to find it.”

Lewis started college studying Art and Design and progressed on to the Level 3 Graphic Design course achieving distinction grades before taking the higher education route at the college’s creative arts Hinckley Campus. He decided not to go to university but followed the Higher National Diploma option instead because it was more affordable and enabled him to continue living locally at home.

Lewis has always been interested in creative projects and started off by learning about CGI which sparked his interest in all aspects of graphic design. Lewis has gained skills in a range of techniques and is proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and After Effects.

Lewis said, “I have really enjoyed my time at college and I am sorry to leave especially in the circumstances but I am now spending time building my online presence and my personal brand and I am looking forward to starting work on a freelance basis. I am also applying for jobs and would love to work either in-house or with a creative agency. I am in a good position to top up my HND to a degree with one further year of study at university in the future.”

Lewis’ portfolio can be viewed at