Funding Comparison

The week commencing 13th May, the Association of Colleges is running another national Love Our Colleges (LoC) Week to highlight the importance of your local colleges, what they bring to the community and focus on why the Chancellor should ensure meaningful and sustainable investment of colleges in his Comprehensive Spending Review.


What does this week mean for you?

We are joining the national campaign to highlight the issues FE colleges have regarding funding from the government. All throughout the week, you might see what we are up to. The activities include social media, students’ opinions and loads of photos. Keep following us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to see what we get up to.

We want to ask you why you love your college. Please get in touch with your stories or quotes and you might see them featured throughout the week. You can leave a message for our marketing team with ‘love our college’ title, use the contact form found here.

We have summarised some information from the Association of Colleges, who are the organisers of this week.


Key points from LoC week

  • Further education colleges are an essential part of England’s education system
  • For too long the vital work they do has been overlooked and underfunded
  • From 2009 to 2019, college funding has been cut by around 30%
  • That is why trade unions, students and colleges are coming together to call for better funding and fair pay for further education colleges


LoC are calling on the government to increase college funding to sustainable levels by:

  • Increasing the 16-19 funding rate by 5% a year for the next 5 years
  • Extending the pupil premium to cover post-16 students
  • Fully funding a National Retraining Scheme to support level 3 to 5 skills
  • Introducing a lifetime learning entitlement to fund skills training for all adults who have not previously achieved a level 3 qualification
  • Providing immediate funding to cover the costs of a fair pay deal for college staff from 2018/19 onwards

The total college income in England has fallen by £1 billion since the start of the decade and that now totals £6.5 billion.


It is through this campaign and the mobilisation of all colleges that we will maximise the chances of achieving our important goal. Join us!