Below you’ll find a 13-step guide to applying for a Full-Time course with us. Open up a separate browser, head on over to our application portal and follow the steps to your future!

Step 1 – Register for an account, ensure you use an email address you can access and a password you will remember. You will then need to verify your email address!

Step 2 – Once you have verified your email address, you can begin your application for a course. There are 3 options: Full-time, Distance Learning and Other Courses (which includes our part-time course offer). Click on Full-time apply now!

Step 3 – First you will need to choose your preferred campus. This is the campus you will study full-time at. If you have done some research beforehand you’ll know which campuses you can study your chosen course, if not you can check each campus and the drop-down menu for your preferred course.

Step 4 – If you are applying for a course at Hinckley, you have 3 options: Art & Design Programme, Creative Media Programme and Performing Arts & Music programme. You will be contacted about which specific course you’re interested in, so don’t worry if you don’t see Fashion or Journalism as an option!

Step 5 – You now need to pick a level, this is the level you’ll start off with and usually depends on the GCSEs you pick up. Most students start on a level 2 but if you’re really unsure then just select the ‘Not Sure’ option. You will discuss this with your tutor once you come in for an interview!

6 – Now you will need to fill in your personal details. We don’t need your National Insurance number straight away but will at a later date so don’t worry about filling out that section. Please ensure all of your other details are correct as we will find your application form and contact you using them. This includes your address, email address and your phone number

7 – Your emergency contacts also need to be filled out with the correct details. If we need to contact them during your time with us then it’s vital they’re correct!

8 – The next section will ask about any educational and support needs. Please answer this honestly as it will help us understand you more and will help you in the long run. If you don’t feel comfortable telling us at this point then please talk to your tutor about it during your interview!

9 – Pick your school! If your school isn’t on the list then choose the last option. Then, fill out your predicted grades. You will talk to the tutor at your interview about these so be truthful, as the course level you go onto may depend on these grades!

10 – Agree to the privacy notice and let us know how we can contact you. The more you click the easier we can get a hold of you and send updates. Also, let us know how you heard about the course. Then fill out your signature! It doesn’t need to look perfect, just a scribble is fine.

11 – Review your application, this is important to make sure your personal details, contact details and the course is correct. This will open as another window! Tick to say you’ve reviewed your form and submit it!

12 – You’ve submitted your form! You’ll receive some information from the admissions team once they have sorted out an interview for you, so keep checking your emails!

13 – You can log in and see your application at any point throughout your journey, and apply for another course if you’ve decided you’re not interested in your first choice!