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The automotive sector is an exciting, ever-evolving industry that opens up a huge range of career options for employees and diversifies opportunities for additional income routes for employers. Here at the MIRA Technology Institute (MTI), we have a number of short courses available to upskill current employees or equip individuals with new knowledge and new practical skills. Our courses are designed to meet the needs of industry and to stay aligned as must as possible with changes in the sector.

We have three courses available to help you expand your knowledge in Electric/Hybrid technology:

Level 1 Award in Electric/Hybrid Awareness (MTI Campus)

This course is designed for those people who may encounter electric/hybrid vehicles and require safety awareness. It is suitable for non-technical people such as managers, valeters, parts, sales staff and electric vehicle drivers. It contains the knowledge of the dangers surrounding electric/hybrid vehicles and the precautions to avoid potential injury.

Level 2 Award in Electric/Hybrid Maintenance (MTI Campus)

This qualification introduces learners to electric and hybrid vehicle technology including, and in particular, the safety requirements of working on these types of vehicles, e.g. whilst carrying out servicing, or general repairs that are not related to the high energy electrical system.

Level 2 Award Electric/Hybrid Hazard Management (MTI Campus)

This accredited qualification is designed for those people who may encounter accident damaged or broken down electric/hybrid (all variations) vehicles, e.g. emergency services and roadside recovery operators. It contains the knowledge required to work safely around a vehicle that may have or had damage to its high energy/electrical system.


There are no entry requirements for the course, other than having an interest in changes in technology or working in an environment where electric vehicles operate.