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This month marks 60 years since the declaration of the rights of the Children was adopted by the UN. The declaration identifies principles that adults should adhere to when raising, looking after or being around children. When working with children and young people, expanding your knowledge and skills is always important.

We offer free online courses, with a large variety of qualifications relating to looking after or caring for children. This month’s featured qualifications include Common Childhood Illnesses, Understanding Children & Young People’s Mental Health and Introducing Caring for Children and Young People.

The courses are fully funded and on completion, you will receive an accredited level 2 qualification.


Common Childhood Illnesses:

Ideal for those working with infants and in the care sector and individuals with personal interest.

This course is designed to increase knowledge and understanding of common childhood illnesses to support the development and well-being of infants.


Understanding Children and Young People’s Mental Health:

Ideal for childcare practitioners, individuals working around children (especially vulnerable children) and individuals with personal interests.

Emotional wellbeing is just as important as a child’s physical wellbeing, therefore, it is important that professionals are trained to spot warning signs and identify risk factors. This course will give you general knowledge on the subject.


Introducing Caring for Children and Young People:

Ideal for new and existing childcare practitioners and individuals with personal interests.

This course gives a broad knowledge of childcare and prepares learners to work in the childcare sector.
It covers three main areas: childcare and education, babysitting and parenting responsibilities.