Featured courses in relation to Health and Social care

Support those in care with a deeper understanding through a free online Health and Social Care course


With the holidays round the corner, you may have started to spot the mini hats on the innocent smoothies, which are knitted in aid of Age UK. Age UK’s mission is to help everyone make the most of later life, and especially to make sure older people don’t feel alone and have someone that they can turn to.

So, whilst it’s getting colder outside and the festive season is upon us, we wanted to take this time to reflect on those working in healthcare or those caring for a loved one themselves. It can be a challenging time, but there are many ways in which we can help you to support them further.

Increase your knowledge in Health and Social Care through our featured free courses of the month. These courses can help you to understand care planning, increase your skills in communication to those in care, gain a deeper understanding to their needs, and much more.

The courses are fully-funded, and on completion, you will receive an accredited level 2 qualification. They are open to adults, 19+ and are not dependant on experience. These courses take around 12 weeks to complete and are available in online and offline study modes.


Customer Service in a Health Care Setting:

Ideal for those working in the health and social care setting or beginners to the sector.

This course is designed to develop learner’s understanding of how to deliver effective customer service in line with customer expectations.


Principles of Care Planning

Ideal for those working in the health and social care sector or individuals that are involved in caring for another person.

The course helps to build skills in evaluate and process plans, ensure that the individual’s interests are a priority, safe working practices and more.


Principles of End of Life Care

Ideal for those working in a health and social care setting.

This course aims to give an understanding of the whole process of end of life care. The course covers living well, support with pain and medication, the role of the care worker and it also covers grief and loss.


You can now digitally enrol onto the course directly through the individual course page. This process is faster and means you can check your eligibility and start sooner.